Why your own words belong on a hand-made card...

For my hand-printed cards, I create an orginal design and then hand-transfer it to a piece of linoleum.
I then hand-carve my design, mix my colours of ink and  roll the ink on to the hand-carved printing plate.
Then I burnish it on to paper. 
I only print on archival, acid-free paper, and  use only water-based, evironmentally friendly  inks.

I have chosen some of my favourite pieces from a lifetime of work, and had them reproduced to the highest printing standard, (giclee printing).  
I then hand-cut and assemble the cards....
...and put my signature each one


   All of the cards I make are blank inside....
       ...Leaving the rest of the creativity to you!

     All the Best,
             Jane Peer (a.k.a .The Urban Hick)

In our digital world, some of the most beautiful and intimate ways that we have shared with each other in  the past are starting to disappear.​

We should never forget the priceless value of our own words , the words we write  in cards to the ones we love on paper.

What we commit to paper with pen and  ink lives on forever.

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